Factors Influencing Attitudes and Intention to Purchase Counterfeit Luxury Brands among Indonesian Consumers

The aim of the present research study is to examine the influence of antecedents of attitudes towards counterfeiting products of Indonesian consumers and its relationship to purchase intention of counterfeit products. The research mainly discussed the effect of social factors and personality factors towards consumer attitudes to buy counterfeit product, in this context is handbags. Approximately 250 respondents aged from 16-40 participated to give response for the survey gathered from questionnaire distribution. The analysis using path coefficient analysis show that social and personality factors has mostly significant impact towards attitudes. The study concluded that the more positive attitude of consumers towards counterfeit products will further strengthen the purchasing intentions while the higher the status of a consumers’ consumption will not affect any change to both their attitude and willingness to purchase counterfeit products.
Keywords: social factors, personality factors, attitudes towards counterfeiting products, purchase intention, status consumption

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