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 B2B (Business-to-Business)

Marketing Mix: Product

The total offering is created by a partnership between the buying organization and the marketing organization.
The process creates an augmented product that is specific to the buying unit’s needs and maximizes the value creation capabilities of the marketer.

Marketing Mix: Price

_ is the mutually agreed-upon amount that satisfies both sides in an exchange.
_often varies from fixed price, with more special discounts and allowances (in comparison to consumer markets).
_may involve things other than a one-time price payment (such as commissions).

Marketing Mix: Place

Place is about getting the product to the customer in order to maximize economic utility.

Marketing Mix: Promotion

Business-to-business marketing requires a different
emphasis on different parts of the promotional mix

Business Markets and Business Marketing

  • Business markets

–All organizations that purchase goods and services to use in the creation of their own goods and services.

  • Business marketing

–The process of matching and combining the capabilities of the supplier with the desired outcomes of the customer to create value for the “customer’s customer.”

Implications of the Value Chain

  • The organization must understand its prospective customers, what customers perceive as valuable, and how prospects might be persuaded to change their minds.
  • Not all customers are alike. Customers can be segmented on the basis of what they seek and can afford.
  • Direct and support activities are equally important.
  • The value chain extends from the customer back thorough distribution channels, manufacturers, suppliers and raw materials suppliers.

Trends and Changes in Business Marketing

  • Hypercompetition: the rapid emergence of new competitors and industries.
  • Formation of partner networks (use of ERP systems).
  • Use of Internet technologies to reduce costs and to improve communication and customer service.
  • Time compression: an increase in the speed of doing business.



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