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 Predicting high consumer-brand identification and high repurchase: Necessary and sufficient conditions

ترجمه عنوان مقاله: پیش بینی بالا  مصرف کننده شناسایی نام تجاری و خرید مجدد بالا: شرایط لازم و کافی

رشته: مدیریت بازاریابی

سال انتشار: 2017

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منبع: الزویر و ساینس دایرکت

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The objective of this paper is to explore the necessary and sufficient conditions to obtain high consumer-brand identification (CBI) and high repurchase intentions (Rep). Different from most business research on CBI and Rep that is based on symmetric thinking, this paper uses asymmetric analytics and performs fuzzy set qualitative comparative analysis. The findings show that (1) although it is possible to identify the necessary conditions for very high consumer-brand identification and very high repurchase intentions, no combination of conditions is sufficient to achieve these outcomes, (2) affective drivers have more importance than cognitive drivers for obtaining high CBI, (3) the configuration solutions for high CBI include at least two antecedents, (4) high CBI is a sufficient but not necessary condition for high Rep, (5) high Rep can also be achieved if brand-self similarity and brand identity occur, and (6) memorable brand experiences alone may be enough to obtain high Rep.

Keywords: Consumer-brand identification, Repurchase intent, Memorable brand experiences, Brand identity, Brand social benefits, Brand-self similarity

مقدمه مقاله

Despite the recent attention that has been devoted to consumer brand identification (CBI) and the important insights that have been provided by the past research, it is also recognized that the knowledge of this phenomenon  is  still  limited  (e.g.,Elbedweihy,  Jayawardhena, Elsharnouby, & Elsharnouby, 2016; Stokburger-Sauer, Ratneshwar, & Sen, 2012 ). To advance the knowledge on CBI, this paper aims to identify the sufficient and necessary conditions that lead to high CBI and high repurchase intent (Rep), as well as the configuration sthatresultinvery high or low values of CBI and Rep. This configurational approach enables a better understanding of CBI and provides actionable insights, which leads to more efficient and effective marketing strategies.

CBI corresponds to “a consumer’s psychological state of perceiving, feeling, and valuing his or her belongingness with a brand ” (Lam,Ahearne, Mullins, Hayati, & Schillewaert, 2013 , p. 235), and it is influenced by cognitive-based drivers and a ffective-based drivers. Cognitive-based drivers include brand-self similarity (BSS) and brand identity (BI), and affective-based drivers include brand social benefits(BSB) and memorable brand experiences (MBE). The relative importance of each of these categories is still controversial in the marketing literature. For example, Stokburger-Sauer et al. (2012) suggest that affective drivers have a stronger role, while Bhattacharya and Sen(2003) indicate a major in fluence of cognitive drivers.




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