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 The roles of brand community and community engagement in building brand trust on social media

ترجمه عنوان مقاله: نقش جامعه نام تجاری و تعامل اجتماعی در ایجاد اعتماد به برند در رسانه های اجتماعی

رشته: مدیریت بازاریابی

سال انتشار: 2013

تعداد صفحات مقاله انگلیسی: 13 صفحه

منبع: الزویر و ساینس دایرکت

نوع فایل: pdf

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چکیده مقاله

Brand communities and social media often overlap. Social media is an ideal environment for building brand communities. However, there is limited research about the benefits and consequences of brand communities established on social media platforms. This study addresses this issue by developing a model depicting how consumers’ relationship with the elements of a brand community based on social media (i.e. brand, product, company, and other consumers) influence brand trust. The findings include that three of the four relationships positively influence brand trust. However, customer-other customers’ relationships negatively influence brand trust, which is counter intuitive and interesting. The prominent role of engagement in a brand community is also investigated in the model. Community engagement amplifies the strength of the relationships consumers make with the elements of brand community and it has a moderating effect in translating the effects of such relationships on brand trust. Finally, theoretical and managerial implications are discussed.

Keywords: Brand community, Social media, Community engagement, Brand trust, Consumer centric model, Facebook

مقدمه مقاله

The emergence of social media has dramatically influenced marketing practices. The conventional well-established marketing practices are not highly influential anymore and in many cases can backfire on the firm (Fournier & Avery, 2011; Hennig-Thurau, Hofacker, & Bloching, 2013). Therefore, there is an ever increasing need for updating the understanding of social media and further develop knowledge which suits the imperatives of marketing in social media environments (Hennig-Thurau et al., 2013). One main challenge for marketers has been to see how their efforts can pay off and how their social media activities can influence important brand related variables (Hoffman & Fodor, 2010).

This article takes the brand community literature as the main theoretical lens to address this issue. The concepts of brand community and social media meet at a critical juncture: community or socialness. Brand communities are essentially a place (physical or virtual) for people who admire a certain brand to socialize in the context provided, at least partly, by that brand (McAlexander, Schouten, & Koenig, 2002; Muniz & O’Guinn, 2001). Brand community practices gradually gained more attention from marketing researchers and practitioners. At the same time the Internettechnologies evolved to their current highly social forms. Today, the brand communities and their online platforms are a match more than ever before; the social aspects of brand communities are strongly backed by the social and networked nature of social media. Not only is social media a natural place for brand communities, but there are recent empirical studies showing the existence (Zaglia, 2013), quality and unique aspects of brand communities embedded in social media platforms (Habibi, Laroche, & Richard, 2014).



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