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Drivers of consumer brand identification

ترجمه عنوان مقاله: عوامل اصلی شناسایی مشتری به وسیله ی نام تجاری

رشته: مدیریت بازاریابی

سال انتشار: 2012

تعداد صفحات مقاله انگلیسی: 13 صفحه

منبع: الزویر و ساینس دایرکت

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The concept of consumer brand identification (CBI) is central to our understanding of how, when, and why brands help consumers articulate their identities. This paper proposes and tests an integrative theoretical framework of the antecedents of CBI. Six drivers of CBI, a moderator, and two consequences are posited and tested with survey data from a large sample of German household consumers. The results confirm the influence of five of the six drivers, namely, brand–self similarity, brand distinctiveness, brand social benefits, brand warmth, and memorable brand experiences. Further, we find that all five of these antecedents have stronger causal relationships with CBI when consumers have higher involvement with the brand’s product category. Finally, CBI is tied to two important pro-company consequences, brand loyalty and brand advocacy. Theoretical and managerial significance of the findings are discussed.

Keywords: Consumer brand identification, Consumer self-identity, Brand relationships, Product category involvement

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Striving for a sense of self (i.e., answering the question, “ Who am I? ”) is a fundamental aspect of the human condition (Belk, 1988, Berger & Heath, 2007, Brewer, 1991, Freud, 1922, Kleine, Kleine, & Kernan, 1993, Tajfel & Turner, 1985). Further, as succinctly put by Belk (1988, p.160) ,“ wearewhatwehave ” what we buy, own, and consume de finehat brands have the ability to embody, inform, and communicate desirable consumer identities (Bhattacharya & Sen, 2003, Escalas, 2004,Escalas & Bettman, 2003, 2009, Fournier, 1998, 2009, Lam, Ahearne, Hu, & Schillewaert, 2010, Levy, 1959, Strizhakova, Coulter, & Price, 2008,Tsai, 2005).us to others as well as to ourselves. In this context, it is widely recognized



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