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Environmental pressures and performance: An analysis of the roles of environmental innovation strategy and marketing capability

ترجمه عنوان مقاله: عملکرد و فشارهای محیطی تجزیه و تحلیل از نقش های استراتژی نوآوری های زیست محیطی و قابلیت بازاریابی

رشته: مدیریت بازاریابی

سال انتشار: 2016

تعداد صفحات مقاله انگلیسی: 10 صفحه

منبع: الزویر و ساینس دایرکت

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The purpose of this study is to explore the relationship between environmental pressures (i.e. environmental regulation and stakeholder pressures) and performance considering the mediating role of environmental innovation strategy and the moderating role of marketing capability. Both primary data collected from 121 UK-based manufacturing firms and secondary data on financial performance of the firms is used to test the proposed relationships. The results show that environmental innovation strategy fully/partially mediates the relationship between environmental regulation/stakeholder pressures and environmental performance, and partially mediates the effect of environmental regulation on financial performance. The results also indicate that marketing capability significantly moderates the relationship between environmental regulation and environmental innovation strategy. Drawing upon contingency theory and dynamic capability view, by testing the mediation and moderation effects, the results of this study provide managers with valuable guidance for developing environmental innovation strategy.

Keywords: Environmental regulation; Stakeholder pressures; Environmental innovation strategy; Marketing capability; Performance; DEA

مقدمه مقاله

It is widely accepted that firms face pressures from various stakeholders (e.g. government, customers and suppliers) on implementing environmental initiatives (Delmas and Toffel, 2008; Sarkis et al., 2010; Yu and Ramanathan, 2015). However, the outcome of taking proactive environmental initiatives on the performance of firms is often contradictory. Traditionally, it has been argued that there is an inherent conflict between environmental protection and firm performance (Eiadat et al., 2008). Porter and van der Linde (1995, p. 98), however, argue that “properly designed environmental regulation can trigger innovation that may partially or more than fully offset the costs of complying with them”. In other words, discovering win-win solutions to environmental regulation requires firms to perform proactive search for innovative solutions (Porter and van der Linde, 1995). To generate winwin solutions that promote economic and environmental bene fits, firms have begun to place a heavy emphasis on innovation, and in particular, on environmental innovation strategy (Amores-Salvadó et al.,2015; De Marchi, 2012; Doran and Ryan, 2012; Eiadat et al., 2008). Environmental innovation strategy is defined as “a class of manufacturing practices that include source reduction, pollution prevention, and the adoption of an environmental management system” (Eiadat et al.,2008, p. 133). The literature has recently given increased attention to the important role of environmental innovation strategy in helping firms achieve sustainable competitive advantage (Ambec et al., 2013;Eiadat et al., 2008; Lanoie et al., 2011). However, research examiningthe environmental pressures environmental innovation strategy performance relationship has been limited (Eiadat et al., 2008), and to date there has been little empirical investigation of the mediating role of environmental innovation strategy.



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